Living with Frustration

When a relationship between two long term partners is unhealthy, it can cause one of them to occasionally melt down emotionally. This person is often living with frustration as they attempt to compensate for their partner. There are often money issues, and it is usually the selfish or controlling partner who spends almost everything that comes into the household. It is their way of showing they are the boss, but it is also a selfish act.

There is generally one person responsible for paying the bills in a relationship, and this is often not the person who is selfish or controlling. They may find on a regular basis they are struggling to deal with debt as their partner spends more than they both earn. Living in this situation can be more than difficult, and it can lead to depression. Worst of all, being married legally means even the person who did not spend the money is liable for any repayments on credit debts.

If one person continues to behave in a manner that is financially damaging, their partner should consider ending the relationship. It may seem like a severe reaction, but the chances their selfish partner will change are very low. Leaving before the debt is piled up higher than the couple will ever be able to repay is one of the best options available. It can be a saving grace over time.

For the person who has not spent all that money, it is a good idea to keep careful records. If they can show in a divorce that the other person often accumulated debt without their knowledge or permission, then they may be able to have that debt solely assigned to their former partner. It may appear a cold solution to an emotional relationship, but protection can be the only thing left after all the money has been spent.