Not So Constructive Criticism

There are many couples that cannot agree on issues. They have arguments over what is to be done, how it will be paid for and who should accomplish it. This is fairly normal in relationships that are stable. Sometimes, these arguments turn into shouting matches. Each person gets overly emotional and loses control. They believe screaming louder than their partner makes them the argument winner. During these arguments, criticism on many topics is often offered. This is very hurtful behavior because the criticism is not constructive.

Partners, especially in a long term relationship, often begin to criticize a person rather than seek the issue that needs resolution. This is a way for a person to express anger and still be able to blame their partner. When any partner begins criticizing without offering help or solutions for correcting a problem, this is non-constructive criticism. It is a way to start an argument while refusing to take responsibility for problems and issues.