Couples and Income Differences

No two people will always earn the same amount of money, and it has been a sticking point in many long term relationships. The issue generally crops up when the couple are having a difference of opinion on another area of their life, and the person who makes the most money is losing badly. Any couple, no matter who brings in the most income, needs to balance that with what they do together as a team.

There are few people who want to make the least amount of income, but it should never be a bone of contention between partners in a long term relationship. If that is their point of superiority, the person who makes the least will always be the loser. They may begin to see they have little or no say so in their relationship, and they might decide it is not worth remaining. Income as a priority is generally not a good indicator of how the relationship should function, so bringing it up at any time is a losing situation.

Couples often have disagreements about many things, but fighting about money is more about who is in control of the relationship. It often boils down to the person who makes the most believing they have the deciding vote in every situation, but that should not be the way it works. They often put in long hours to earn the most, and they would be less successful if their supportive partner walked out the door.

There are many different areas where couples have fights, but money and income differences are some of the most hurtful. Even accusing the person who makes the most of being controlling could be the final insult that breaks them apart, so using that is not an option. Those who are willing to look past this issue will find they have a happier life and a healthier relationship.