Freedom from Arguments

Many people leave a relationship where arguments were the only thing they had in common with their partner. The thought of beginning a new relationship is overwhelming for them. They do not want to be trapped with another person and begin arguing again. This is common after the breakup of a long term relationship whether or not the couple was married. Freedom from the yelling and hurtful words is why the person left in the first place. Finding another person and facing possible arguments is not on their agenda.

A newly free person often wants time to relax and make better partner choices for their future. Getting involved right away is a frightening proposition for them. Unfortunately, they often have a need for physical relief. Finding a fuck buddy is the answer to their dilemma. Physical relief is the entire goal of being in this type of relationship. There are no arguments between the two people. Both have the same goal. Once their physical needs are satisfied, their time together is over.

For the person between relationships, fuck buddies are good company. There are no arguments over who takes out the trash or does the dishes. Money doesn't enter into this relationship at all. Both of these people are together to simply scratch their physical itch and move on in life. There is no commitment necessary for either person.

Engaging in casual sex with one person makes it easy to take the time to find a good relationship. The need for a partner that can agree and not start arguments is important to the newly freed person. They are searching for a relaxing life without false drama. Finding someone to take care of one need will make it easier to find the perfect person to share all their needs.